In 2015 we launched our iPhone app, the online profile and Premium accounts. On top of that we announced our first cooperation with an insurance company. They hand out rewards for good driving behavior, based on the Flo Score. But, in 2016 we have a lot more goodies coming up.

Tablet support & infographics

First of all we’ll start supporting Android tablets. We have received a lot of requests from our users that have one of those in their car, so we listened. Do make sure your tablet supports GPS! Interested in using Flo on your iPad? Let us know, and we’ll put it on our to do list. Second, we want to let you know more about the data we collect. Take a look at our first infographic to see what that looks like. We know stuff about behavior, but also about traffic situations. Keep an eye on this blog, our Facebook, or Twitter to get more interesting insights!

Flo for fleets

We get lots of requests of our users to create groups and leaderboards. Most of these users want to use the Flo Score to get better insights in driving behavior on a company level. Well, we have awesome news: we plan to finish this feature after the summer. We named it Flo Fleet. Do let us know if you’re interested in joining a pilot program.

Flo cloud & dongles

We have developed our algorithm for the Flo apps, and it took us years to finetune it (which is an ongoing process). Now we want to offer third party developers access to this algorithm by developing an SDK that gathers GPS-datasets which we can enrich with a Flo Score. In this way other apps or hardware solutions (such as dongles) can benefit from our algorithm. If you want early access, let us know!

Flo Insurance

As we mentioned before, we have launched a partnership in The Netherlands with Whoosz! Together we offer a car insurance which rewards you for good driving behavior. We are looking for similar partnerships in other countries, so drop us a line if you’re either interested in a partnership, or in a car insurance with rewards in your country.