Every month we introduce a member of the Flo team on this blog. We are a fast growing team of great professionals located in Noordwijk, The Netherlands and in Pune, India. Interested in joining Flo? Just contact us! This time we introduce Zishan, who worked on both our Android app and the iOS app.

What do you do at Flo?

I am a mobile software developer working on both Android and iOS. As I am keen to learn new things in different domains, you can find me at times with our backend, web or UX teams as well!

Since when do you do that?

Ever since Flo was born, in 2014 🙂

What have you done professionally before working at Flo?

I was studying for a Bachelor in Engineering, after which I did a Post Graduate Program in Mobility. Both at the University of Pune.

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What is the thing in Flo you’re most proud of?

I really loved the introduction of the tags in the Flo Android app!


What is the feature you would personally love to develop asap?

A real time trip and route share feature would be great to offer our users.

Where do you live + describe that place

Pune, the ninth-most populous city in India and although it is not a tourist place, the state of Maharashtra can be beautiful!

Married, girlfriend, kids?

I am married to coding, my girlfriend is Flo and have no kids yet 🙂