The webprofile offers some great functionalities like “overall statisics”, trip overviews and the possibility to export your trips to word, excel or kml. Also you can change your account settings. It’s easy to use, so let’s get it started.

First time logging in

  1. First go to the website:
  2. Login with your Flo credentials (or Facebook/Google)
  3. Now you can use the great features of the Flo web profile.

login screen Flo online profile

Overall statistics

This page shows your total distance, trip count, total time using the app. Also this page
presents your best and average score.

Trip overview

This page gives you the opportunity to check your track that’s recorded by the gps in
your smartphone. When you hit the play button in the top left counter the webpage
will start to present that trip and all the events.

trip overview flo driving app online profile

Export trip data

Some people would like to export their data to analyze their trip data. This feature
gives you the opportunity to export to Word, Excel and KML. This is a premium function, if
you’re not a premium user please update in the Flo app.